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Author: Scott Whitaker

Railway Track through countryside

Barky Days

Scott with Pauline McCracken at Barcaldine Railway Hotel

Yesterday, on the same day that the raid on the Australian Workers Union was making headlines around the country, Scott arrived at the birthplace of the AWU: Barcaldine.

Barcaldine, affectionately knows as ‘Barky’ is the home of several fine old hotels that lined the main street opposite the railway station. At one stage, 14 hotels quenched the thirst of locals and travellers alike.

Scott dropped in to visit Pauline McCracken, host of the Railway Hotel in Barcaldine which is actually the fourth ‘Railway’ to stand on the site – the three earlier versions destroyed by fire. Great place to break your trip with excellent meals and cold beer.

Later that night more than 20 enthusiastic locals attended Scott’s talk at the local library. Many thanks to librarian Gay and the Barcaldine Shire for hosting the event.

*Featured Photo: Scott with Pauline McCracken, owner of Barcaldine Railway Hotel