Volume Two – NSW

Volume Two – Railway Hotels of New South Wales

Newly released, Railway Hotels of New South Wales is the second volume of the Railway Hotels of Australia series, and follows on from the successful release of Volume One, Railway Hotels of Victoria. This new book by Scott Whitaker, railway enthusiast and part-time historian, details the history of every Railway Hotel that trades, or once traded in New South Wales.

The book contains a wealth of information on the history of railways in New South Wales, and explores the social, economic and political themes that helped to shape the state.

Consisting of 312 pages in length, the book contains hundreds of historic and contemporary images on high quality art paper, and includes a range of advertisements and anecdotes that add interest and establish the mood of the era.

Many readers will find it enjoyable, from railway and hotel hobbyists, publicans, as well as people who are interested in local or social history, and architecture.

"I congratulate Scott for achieving this substantial compilation, and commend the book to a wide readership: railway and hotel hobbyists, publicans, people with an interest in local or social history, or with an interest in architecture. Many readers may be enthused to seek and sample survivors, and join the spirits of patrons and publicans from the early years."
- Roderick Smith, former editor of Rail News Victoria

All books ordered direct will be personally signed by the author, Scott Whitaker.

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