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Author: Scott Whitaker

Railway Track through countryside

Grand Day Out

After a pleasant couple of author talks on Monday, Scott headed north via the Blackman’s Gap Road to Many Peaks. Not sure if he would make it due to the extensive flood damage of the roads in the area, Scott was delighted to see the Grand Hotel come into view about 5pm. The Grand has an interesting history. The pub was built in 1890 at Gladstone, about 100km to the north. After going broke, the publican there sold the hotel and it was relocated to Many Peaks – an incredibly interesting old mining town. Owners Bridget and Wayne Barker took over the hotel in 2014. Along with their family, they offer a warm welcome to locals and tourists alike. Great meals and cold beer!

Read more about the ‘Barkers’ and ‘The Grand Hotel’ in this article published in “The Observer” newspaper;
‘So grateful’: Exciting projects ahead for family-owned pub: by Sarah Barnham

You can also keep up to date with all that is happening at the Grand Hotel on Facebook.

Scott with Bridget and Wayne Barker at The Grand Hotel

 Image: Author Scott Whitaker with Bridget and Wayne Barker, owners of the Grand Hotel at Many Peaks, QLD