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Author: Scott Whitaker

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Lights, Camera, Action

by | Nov 26, 2017

Antique Film Projector at Mitchell Library, QLD

Photo: Antique film projector at the Mitchell Library in QLD

An enthusiastic bunch of locals gathered at the Mitchell library on election day (for the Queensland state parliament) for one of Scott’s popular author talks.

The library at Mitchell (90 km west of Roma) is well-worth a visit. It is housed in the town’s former picture theatre. Built in 1929 during the era of silent films, and last used to show movies in 1985, the theatre remains intact and preserved. The original box office, and stage, are there, as well as the projection room complete with the original projector and a display of musical instruments used to create the live sound to back the silent movies. Along with the library, there is a fine art gallery displaying the talents of local artists.