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Author: Scott Whitaker

Railway Track through countryside

Message on a bottle

Codd bottle with railway hotel, Brisbane inscription

Photo: Codd Bottle owned by former locomotive driver, Carl Williams

One of the most rewarding aspects about conducting author talks around the country, is meeting up with people who have connections with former Railway Hotels.

So it was recently when Scott presented a talk in Goondiwindi, where Scott met Carl Williams a locomotive driver for Aurizon (formerly Queensland Railways). Carl who has an interest in Railway Hotels is also a rare bottle collector who has an impressive Codd bottle in his collection.

The Codd bottle was used in days past to store carbonated drinks. It has a glass marble inside that formed a seal around a rubber ring at the neck of the bottle.

What makes Carl’s bottle special is that it stamped with:

Albert Daniell held the licence for the Railway Hotel, opposite Brisbane’s Roma Street station, in the 1910s and 1920s. See pages 32 and 33 of Railway Hotels of Australia – Volume Three – Queensland for more information about Mr Daniell.