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Author: Scott Whitaker

Railway Track through countryside

Mystery Solved – Gooroolba Railway Hotel

Yesterday morning, Scott presented an author talk to the folk of Mount Perry. During the talk, Scott meet a local councillor named John Bowen who spent his early teen years growing up at the Railway Hotel in Gooroolba. John’s dad bought the pub when John was 12, and from the age of 13, it was John’s job to cook the hotel breakfasts – usually a couple of poached eggs on toast. John recalled the story of a traveller who arrived at the pub in a flash car. After settling in, the traveller had a few (well maybe a lot) and had to be helped to bed. John cooked breakfast as usual the next morning, with the fairly disheveled traveller asking for a beer to settle his nerves. When John arrived at school later that morning, he recognised the same flash car. Turns out the the traveller was a dentist doing the rounds of local schools. Needless to say, John had nothing wrong with his teeth that day!

John was also able to solve mystery. On page 91 of Railway Hotels of Australia – Volume Three – Queensland, there is a photo of the Railway Hotel at Gooroolba with an unknown young fellow out the front. John told Scott that the boy’s name is Glen Barnes.

Antique Film Projector at Mitchell Library, QLD

Photo: Scott with some of Mount Perry’s locals at the library (former council chambers) on 21 November 2017. John Bowen is standing next to Scott.