This ongoing listing details any new information pertaining to individual Railway Hotels across Australia.


  • Mackay, QLD – Langford’s Hotel, that was renamed as the Old Railway Hotel in 2011 has been renamed back to Langford’s (SAD!)
  • Yeppoon, QLD —Big plans afoot for the Railway Hotel at Yeppoon. A new bistro opening next year will compliment the recent extension of the hotel into the former bottle shop.


  • Devenish, VIC—The hotel has reverted to its original name and now trades as the Devenish Railway Hotel.
  • Heyfield, VICThe Railway Hotel Heyfield has a rich and proud history in Heyfield, dating back to 1878. After being closed for renovations for almost 2 years, it has reopened for you to enjoy its transformation.
  • Timboon, VIC —The hotel has reverted to its original name and now trades as the Railway View Hotel.

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