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Author: Scott Whitaker

Railway Track through countryside

White Line Fever

by | Nov 20, 2017

After a fun morning at the Rockhampton Local Authors Expo, Scott headed down the Bruce Highway to Maryborough to prepare for Monday’s talks at the Maryborough and Hervey Bay libraries. A relatively short journey (only about 400 km or so) and to pass the time, Scott picked up a 30-something year old backpacking hitchhiker from Gothenburg in Sweden, called Thom.  Against the advice of many, Scott regularly gives hitchhikers a lift, especially on long journeys, as they more often than not,  happily share the driving. Lots of interesting stories that sure beat the trials and tribulations of long distanced travellers, such as when grey nomads  pull out in front of you without looking, with their 20 ft Millard in tow, or the fun loving chaps who travel at 80 kph, only to speed up to 110 in the rarely encountered overtaking lanes…

Scott’s Sunday night accommodation in Maryborough was the Kimba Motel. A somewhat intriguing name that immediately had the intrepid author humming the theme song to his favourite cartoon as a boy: Kimba the White Lion. You know the tune…”Who lives down in deepest darkest Africa”

Thom soon got in on the act, downloading the song and singing along with Scott for what seemed like 100 km. After dropping Thom off at the Bundaberg turnoff, Scott couldn’t get the tune out of his head, all the while trying to work out why the motel was called the Kimba. Then all was revealed:

“I’ve has a few beers in Red Lion hotels across the country, but never a white lion”, Scott said. Unfortunately no White Lion beer for Scott as the pub was shut!

White Lion Hotel Exterior, Street view

Photo : The White Lion hotel with the adjacent Kimba Lodge Motel in the background.